Hello all, so it has been some time since my first “attempt” at blogging.  Obviously many things have been ever changing since my first post back in last July.  So there is much to get caught up on. I am back to designing my site and am setting more realistic goals for myself that I can set and attain.

So this update will be more for me to kind of set the groundwork for what I hope to accomplish, both through my blog and my website as a whole.

Since that first post I finally was able to afford to get myself an android powered smart phone and went with the Droid2 Global.What I love about this phone is just all you can do with the device, not only the web, email and calander options which for me are huge.  There is no price I can put on finally being organized in terms of scheduling and time management.  Projects, files, backups and so forth where never a problem, but time management was and still is my biggest hurdle.  Some of the programs out on the android market are remarkable. For instance, I am actually writing this blog post via my DROID and the official wordpress app. This is great because it not only allows me ways of posting for the future but allows me to review and respond to comments and check stats.

I find myself attempting to focus in on a specific topic to gear this blog towards, but as I did in school when I was told to focus on one area, I find myself thinking of tons of different areas to cover.  My future posts will be less wordy and more appealing with images and media tnroughout and even after effects tutorials I am looking to create down the line.

I have found so many new tips and tricks in designing websites as well as motion graphics and video production and can not wait to share them with you to help imspire you to learn and expand on what I have to show. So please stay tuned and again excuse my verbal rants into all sorts of directions, I tend to do that from time to time.

Are there any specific topics out there in terms of web design or animation and motion graphics that you really want to see me discuss and show examples of?